Feeling inspired by a holiday, a favourite restaurant or just wanting a chilled out feasting vibe, sharing menus are becoming more and more popular, whether it's Italian, Spanish, Middle Easter, big Texan BBQ, Mexican or even Peruvian that floats your boat, we can construct a menu to tantilise, impress and excite your guests!


Sample Menu

Chicken Fhetti with tahini sauce

Lamb plums and roses

Green tabbuleh

Heritage tomato orange and zataar fattoush 

Roasted carrot red onion and harrissa

Stuffed makshi peppers

Sfiha pastilla


burnt garlic and courgette cacik



Pork sugo

Panzanella salad

Lemon roasted potatoes

Courgette ribbons green beans and crisped pancetta salad

Goat cheese raddichio pesto and truffle honey

Roast carrot fennel salad


Sticky balsamic figs burrata and rocket

Rustic breads oil and vinegar

Sharing Desserts



Wow your guests with the ultimate treat of gooey, sticky deliciousness, perhaps it's a giant sharing pavlova with traditional summer fruits and chantilly cream, maybe caramel apples with dulce de leche and cinder toffee or even turkish delight cream, orange blossom roasted figs, pomegranate and pistachios or what about pimping your cheesecake, with jars of buttery crumb, creamy sweet heaven for your guests to make any flavour they like, with toppings of salted caramel, chocolate sauce, fudge, fruits or sprinkles?

Meringue mountains, brownie towers, an avalanche baklava....

So many desserts, so little time!